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Updated: July 5, 2019

  1. Teams shall have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players.  If a player is on the roster and at the field, he/she is expected to be in uniform and in the lineup for that day. (i.e.  players should not be taking days off if they are available to play).
  2. Eligible players can not be a member of a Little League District tournament team.  (Any waiver of this rule must be presented to the Tournament Director)
  3. The manager of each team MUST have a copy of each player’s birth certificate at every game. The manager may ask the umpire in Chief to check any player’s birth certificate. If the birth certificate is not at the game, the player in question must be removed immediately. If the manager cannot provide a birth certificate of the removed player before the tournament ends, ALL games the player in question played in shall be considered a forfeit.
  4. No roster changes are allowed after the first game has been played (unless approved by Tournament Director).
  5. Little League Baseball Age Requirements:   U12:  12 or younger as of August 31, 2019     U10:  10 or younger as of August 31, 2019


  1. Teams are randomly assigned as home and visitor. This will be reflected in the schedule. During the playoff round, the better seed will be considered the home team.


  1. The decision of the Tournament Director is final.


  1. Time limit for each game is 2 hours.  No new inning can after the 2 hour time limit.  For example, a 10:00 am game on the weekend cannot have a new innning start after 12:00 pm.  The Umpire in Chief and/or the Tournament Director shall stop play if conditions warrant.


  1. Both managers MUST complete the pitch count information on the FYBL web site. The winning manager must record the winning score immediately following the game.  Please enter your pitch counts in the "Events Write-Up" section of the "Results" page.


  1. It is each team’s and league’s responsibility to have proper ands safe equipment and to ensure each member on the roster has proper insurance.  For non-Little League teams, specific insurance requirements are needed.


  1. Official 2019 regular Major Little League playing rules shall govern tournament play with exceptions as noted.


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct such as, throwing of bats, gloves, helmets, hats, and harassing opponents is NOT permitted.

First occurrence – Umpire shall give a verbal warning to the entire team.
Second occurrence (by any member of the team) – Umpire has the discretion to eject the player in question.

  1. Continuous batting order applies to the entire roster on every team. Each team will field 9 players (3 outfielders only). Each player must play a minimum two innings in the field. In the event a player does not meet the minimum playing requirements, the player shall play the entire next game in the field.


  1. Due to the continuous batting order, no one can enter the game as a pinch runner unless a base runner is injured. If injured, the batter who made the last out will be the pinch runner.


  1. Managers/Coaches/Assistants are NOT allowed to warm up pitchers in between innings. Only players are able to warm up pitchers wearing a catcher’s mask. This is a Little League rule and will be enforced.


  1. Ending a Game
    1. Every attempt should be made to finish a game in the allotted time.  On weekends, the allotted time will be 2 hours.  No new inning can start after the 2 hour limit.
    2. On weeknights, games on Dubiel, Baily and Welch also will have a 2 hour limit.  No new inning can start after the 2 hour limit (7:45 pm).
    3. On weeknights, for the 5:30 game on Grouten, no new inning can start after the 2 hour limit (7:30 pm).  
    4. If a game needs to end due to darkness or another game is schedule for that field, the game will end.
    5. If a game is called due to darkness or rain, the score at the previously completed inning will determine the winner. If the home team is winning in an incomplete inning, the home team shall be the winner. In this situation, the team is released from the 2 inning playing rules.
    6. 4 innings must be completed (by the losing team) to be a qualified game.
    7. 9 players qualify as a team for play. If a team cannot field 9 players, the game will be delayed ten (10) minutes from the official start time in order to field a team. If, after a 10 minute wait, a team cannot field an official team, they will forfeit the game.

2019 Little League Pitch Count Rules apply.
The table below gives an overview of the number of pitches that will be allowed per day for each age group.
Pitching Guidelines:

League Age Pitches Per Day
11 -12 85
9 – 10 75
7 – 8 50

Exception: Exception: If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed in Regulation VI (c) for his/her league age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is put out; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning.

Note 1: A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches (40 pitch threshold rule in effect) in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.

If a catcher catches in 4 or more innings, that player cannot pitch in that game.  One pitch caught in an inning counts as an inning catch.

A player who played the position of catcher for 3 innings or less, moves to the pitcher position, and delivers 21 or more pitches (20 pitch threshold rule in effect), may not return to the catcher position for the remainder of the game.

66 or more pitches 4 calendar days rest
51 – 65 pitches 3 calendar days rest
36 – 50 pitches 2 calendar day rest
21 – 35 pitches 1 calendar day rest
1 - 20 pitches No calendar day rest required


  1. A pitcher who reaches his/her imposed days of rest threshold while facing a batter to continue to pitch until the current batter has been retired or reaches base.  For example, if Bob has 19 pitches and faces a new batter and pitches 6 pitches to the new batter.  His total pitch count is 25, but his days of rest will be based on 20 pitches (so no rest needed in this case). 
  2. All pitching from the mound @ 46 feet 
  3. Manager must remove pitcher when pitch limit is reached – pitcher may finish batter to which he is pitching. 
  4. Teams should agree on pitch count between innings 
  5. Both teams should count pitches for each team, compare between innings and at the end of the game.
  6. All pitch counts must be entered onto the FYBL web site immediately following each game.
  7. A player once removed from the mound may not return as a pitcher in the same game.
  8. Violation of these rules is subject to protest and can result in forfeiture by action of the tournament director.
  9. Manager must change pitchers, it they visit the same pitcher on the mound 2 times during an inning or 3 times during the game.
  10.  No player can pitch on 3 consecutive days.


Little League Rules regarding Bats
This tournament follows Little league rules regarding bats. Umpires will inspect the bats prior to each game. The bat must have the "USA Baseball" label clearly shown. If a bat is deemed to be ineligible, it must be removed from the dugout. If that bat is used during the game, the game will be forfeited by that team.
The below items are intended to reinforce proper Little League etiquette as outlined in the rules.

  1. No ball/strike calls, on field decisions as they relate to safe/out calls, etc. are to be challenged by any Manager/Coach. It is the umpire’s discretion to remove a player/coach from the game if these calls are challenged. This includes what I call “Chirping” from the dugout. “Chirping” is grumbling about plays/calls from the dugout loud enough for the umpire to hear.


  1. If a manager/Coach wishes to clarify a call based upon LL Rules, they must call time out after the play and politely ask the umpire about the call/ruling. Regardless of the outcome, the manager/Coach must accept that decision and not further challenge the umpire.


  1. Managers/coaches are also responsible for the conduct of their players and parents. Anyone who is disrespectful to the umpire or any opposing player or coach should be removed from the game or the stands.  The umpire has the ability to make that decision as well.


  1. Only 3 coaches are to be in the dugout. No one is allowed behind the backstop. No other parents or coaches are allowed in the dugout.


  1. Lastly, if poor sportsmanship/conduct is witnessed by the Tournament Director or a member of the Farmington Little League Baseball Board of Directors, we reserve the right to remove that person from the game.


  1. Exchange lineups before the start of each game – latecomers may be   added at time of arrival at the end of lineup.  Note: latecomers lose their right under to minimum playtime.


  1. All scheduling is subject to change.  Farmington All-star games shall take precedence for field and batting cages.


  1. The tournament Director will arrange make-up games.


  1. Infield fly rule will be in effect.


  1. Mercy rule – A maximum of 6 runs per inning for U10, 7 runs per inning for U12 can be scored in any inning.  If the team losing has been up at least 4 times and cannot tie the game by end of 6 innings, game will be over.


  1. If a live ball goes under a fence or stuck in a fence, the closest player shall wave his hat, the ball is dead and the umpire shall award the batter/runners the bases allowed by rule.

7.  No donuts or weights of any kind are to be used on the bats or in the on deck area. Little League has no on deck area. Bats are only to be swung at home plate.

8.  Drop 3rd strike rule is not in effect.

9.  Tiebreaker rules are a. Head to Head, then b.  Runs against

10.  We all want to win, but let’s not forget to have some fun too.